10 True Interesting Facts About Amazon.com – Fact #4 Blows My Mind!

I have dug deep and found 10 mind blowing facts about Amazon.com. Take a look!


# 1 Amazon.com early logo and homepage.

Amazon.com founded in 1994, started as an online bookstore.

This is Amazon logo in 1995.

amazon.com first logo

And this is the early Amazon.com homepage in 1995. Looks old school 🙂

first amazon.com homepage in 1995


#2 The meaning behind Amazon.com lately logo (2002 – present 2014)

This is the lately Amazon.com logo. Since 2002 until now:

amazon.com logo true facts meaning

What’s the meaning behind this Amazon.com logo:

We call it the smile and arrow. It means “We are happy to deliver anything, anywhere.

Amazon.com says in their press release “a smile now begins under the “a” and ends with a dimple under the “z”, emphasising that Amazon.com offers anything, from A to Z, that customers may be looking to buy online.”


#3 First month of Amazon.com in Business

The first book sale in Amazon.com is “Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought“, by Douglas Hofstadter.


The first book sold on Amazon.com 

fluid concepts and creative analogies first amazon book

You can still buy the book at Amazon.com for $17.


#4 Mind blowing Amazon.com annual revenues.

Amazon.com is #1 selling e-tailer in the world. Yes! Amazon.com is the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon.com web sales in 2010 are 5 times Walmart, Target, and Buy.com websales combined.

Amazon’s $34 BILLION annual revenues in 2010 are larger than the GDPs of half the countries in the world.


In 2013, Amazon.com annual revenues are 74.45 BILLION. WOOOOWWW! it blow my mind!

annua revenue amazon.com 2013


#5 Amazon.com would be 2x the size of Canada.

If Amazon.com were a country for its active users, it would be 2x the size of Canada.

Amazon serves 137 million customers a week. This means Amazon has over 19.5 million customers daily = The same amount of people as the population of Beijing, China.


This is Canada map. Imagine a map to Amazon.com 🙂

canada map


#6 Amazon.com warehouses hard working conditions = penalized for spending too long talking to co-workers!

Amazon.com employees have to concentrate fully when they work. Talking too long with co-workers forbidden in Amazon.com warehouse area. Amazon warehouse employees are constantly monitored by GPS tracking systems. Employees receive warnings, even penalized for spending too long talking to co-workers.

amazon warehouse workers


#7 Amazon.com warehouses busiest days working conditions = penalized for going too long and too often on the toilet!

In Amazon warehouses handsets allocate time for each task, this can be as short as 33 seconds. Amazon.com warehouses employee monitored round-the-clock. They can get just 10 minutes for lunch. Toilet breaks are timed and employees can be penalized for going too long and too often on the toilet.

amazon employee workhard

Three strikes and you out!

Videos below proves fact #6 and #7


#8 The most expensive item listed on Amazon.com

In 2010 Amazon accidentally listed a CD-ROM for $2,904,980,000 (plus $3.99 shipping). Brian T Klug bought the item,  however the site canceled the order. Klug later received an email from Amazon saying “We are sorry, we’re unable to complete your order from this Amazon Merchant. We have canceled this transaction…”

brianklug amazon order


Klug then also received a phone call from Amazon customer service to make sure Klug had received the order cancellation notice.

brian klug amazon canceled order


#9 Down for 49 minutes = loss nearly $5.7 million in sales.

The Amazon.com homepage down for 49 minutes in 31 January 2013. During this time they missed out on nearly $5.7 million in sales.

Amazon.com’s 2012 earnings report that the company makes about $61.09 Billion a year, or about $6,963,470 per hour.” For 49 minutes down, Amazon.com loss about nearly $5.7 million in sales. More precisely 5,686,834 million!

Amazon.com down page notice.

amazon down 49 minutes true facts


#10 Working in Amazon.com warehouses is healthful!

Amazon warehouses have more square footage than 700 individual Madison Square Gardens combined. Warehouse employee regularly walk up to 11 or 27 miles a day.


Very large Amazon.com warehouse.

amazon warehouse

Walk around Amazon.com warehouse area to select items. One by one…

amazon employee walk 11miles


#11 Amazon.com CEO is one of the lowest paid CEOs among large tech companies (BONUS)

Amazon.com pays Jeff Bezos $81,840 for his salary. He get no stock awards. He become one of the lowest paid CEOs among large tech company in the world. But… Amazon have to pay $1.68 million for his security costs.


Jeff Bezos, The King of Amazon.com

jeff bezos amazon salary facts


Hopefully this Amazon.com true facts beneficial for you 🙂


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