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10 True Shocking Facts Behind Big Mac and McDonald’s That Will Blow Your Mind

McDonald’s is a phenomenal. The whole world knows McDonald’s. Since 1955, Mc Donald’s has served the population of the world with some of his favorite foods. One of favorite foods at McDonald’s is Big Mac! Are you one of Big Mac’s fans? do you know Big Mac has some true hidden facts behind his deliciousness?

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# 1 Big Mac Nutrition Facts

Do you know a Big Mac contains 540 calories?  You can increase your weight by 25 kg if you eat Big Mac every day for a year.

Big Mac burger contains 540 calories, 29 grams of fat and 1,040 MG of sodium. This burger will still 20% of your daily calories, 45% of total fat, and 43% of sodium. If you added a Big Mac to your daily diet for a year he would take an in additional 197,000 calories or 56 pounds a body weight.


Big Mac awful Nutrition Facts :O

bigmac calories facts

In 2012 McDonald’s stopped using beef filler in their U.S. patties. Made by washing unwanted meat in ammonium hydroxide, it resembled “pink slime”.


#2  2.5 million Big Macs sold a day

900 million Big Macs are sold every year, that’s 2.5 million Big Macs a day.


Big Mac ads VS. Actual Big Mac

big mac ads reality



#3 Big Mac Trend Setter of Obesity

McDonald’s has changed the way not only Americans but the whole world eat. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts by 2015 more than $700 million people in the world will be obese.


You would have to walk for 7 hours straight to burn off a Super Sized Coke, French Fries, and Big Mac 🙂

big macs nutrition facts


#4 Big Mac vs. Stella Liebeck

Stella Liebeck suffered 3rd degree burns by spilling McDonald’s coffee in her lap. Her medical cost $10,000 but McDonald’s only offered $800. She won over $500,000 after a court battle.


#5 McDonald’s sell 75 hamburgers a second

McDonald’s serves 68 million people a day, which is almost 1% of the world’s population.




#6 Big Mac Cow (?)

McDonald’s uses frozen meat patties. These patties don’t come from your nearby local cattle farmer. Each patty contains meat from up to 1,000 different cows from 5 different countries. One cow expels 26 – 53 gallons methane per day. About the same amount as a car.


#7 American love Big Mac!

American eat 5 billion pounds of McDonald’s beef a year. Americans consume 5.5 million cattle in McDonalds burgers per year. Amounting to 5.5 million cows, this is the total number of cattle in England.




#8 A McJob is in the dictionary as “a low-paid job with few prospects”

55 million Big Macs are sold in 12,000 US location every year. That’s an average of over $150,000 for each local economy, even in the midst of a recession McDonald’s at 60,000 jobs in America in 2011. And report show 1 in 8 Americans have worked flipping Big Mac at some point.

First McDonald’s restaurant. The forefather…

first mcdonalds restaurant


A McJob is in the dictionary as “a low-paid job with few prospects”. A worker on min wage would need to work 1.2 million hours to earn the $8.75 million paid annually to CEO Jim Skinner.


#9 Big Mac Index

The Big Mac is sold in 36 countries world wide, from Argentina to Serbia. The Economist even devised a Big Mac index to measure countries purchasing power based on the price at their Big Mac.


Big Mac countries

big mac countries



#10 McDonald’s Drive Thru in China


mcdonalds drive thru in china

The first drive-thru opened to serve U.S. soldiers not allowed out of vehicles in uniform. When drive-thrus opened in China, confused customs got served at the drive-thru, parked their cards and ate in the restaurant.

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