50 Simple Ways to Monetize Mobile Apps

How to monetize mobile apps? Another question, how to make money with mobile apps? simple question but quite hard to be answered.

There are so many ways to monetize mobile apps:

  1. Make a good app and sell it. Just give a good price to your mobile apps and then sell it on App Store or Google Play. Sooo easy!
  2. Give your apps for free, but don’t forget to insert ads there. There are some services to monetize mobile apps with ads, such as Admob.com (by Google) and iAd (by Apple). I have tried this way with Admob.com, and the result, thousands of dollars go into my bank account every month. All praise due to Allah ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. In-App Purchase
    What’s In-App Purchase? Apple says, “In-App Purchase lets you sell a variety of items directly within your free or paid app, including premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions.”

Sound good yeah?!

Back to my first question, “how to monetize mobile apps?” and “how to make money with your apps?”

Trey Smith, he is owner and founder of 2 mobile game companies from San Diego, he reveals 50 incredible ways to monetize mobile app in his ebook, entitled “App and Game Monetization Strategy Guide”. Hey it’s only $1!

In this ebook, you will get all the ways to make money with your mobile apps. Trey Smith explains 50 ways to supercharge your earnings by learning from top grossing apps (with screenshots). A very good ebook with a very simple and inspiring explanation. He explains how to do ads, in-app purchase, social sharing, and lots more…

So, download the book as soon as possible before it’s gone away, or the price will fly away to the sky.

Now, I will give you some tips to make money with mobile apps that I take from the ebook:

Strategy no. 1 to monetize mobile apps: Pause More Screen.

how to monetize mobile apps - angry birds

The Way Angry Birds Monetize Its App

Trey Smith writes:
You don’t see this done often, but I always thought it was a smart move on Angry Bird‘s part to do it. When you pause their games, they have a sliding “more screen” that encourages you to download their other apps. Pretty smart, because if you think about it, people are often pausing because they are losing interest

Strategy no. 2 to monetize mobile apps: The “PreStart” Screen.

how monetize mobile apps - Pre Start Screen

How to Monetize Mobile Apps with Pre-Start Screen

Trey Smith Writes:
When we originally released Steam Rush, we didn’t have this feature in. We added it later and it definitely increased revenue. Before a user starts, show them items they can buy, especially powerups. This increases what they spend on ingame currency.

Strategy no. 3 to monetize mobile apps: Mass Items To Buy.

how to monetize mobile apps - mass item

How to Monetize Mobile Apps with Mass Item to Buy

Trey Smith Writes:
Free to play is dominating the app store, but a common mistake I see developers make, is not adding enough items to unlock. In our game, Maze, you can see we have three categories of unlocks that are all interchangeable. This gives thousands of different options on how they can use these items.

Strategy no. 4 to monetize mobile apps: “Ask” and “ye” shall receive.

how to monetize mobile apps - ask and yes

How to Monetize Mobile Apps with “Ask” n “Yes” method

Trey Smith says:
This was a super simple one that added a lot to the bottom line. When someone tries to buy something and they are out of money, instead of saying “You donโ€™t have any coins,” simply ask them if they want to buy more, and link to the coin store if they say “Yes”.

Strategy no. 5 to monetize mobile apps: Expired Items.

how to monetize mobile apps - expired items

How to Monetize Mobile Apps with Expired Items Method

Trey Smith says:
Another genius one from Pocket Gems. In Tap Pet Hotel your food expires if you don’t collect it quick
enough; you can then spend money to restore it or just throw it away.

Strategy no. 6 to monetize mobile apps: Game Over Store.

how to monetize mobile apps - game over store

How to monetize Mobile Apps with Game Over Store Strategy

Trey Smith says:
This is an easy one that many people miss. Most “game over” screens just say “Restart” and “Menu”, but this is a great time to bring them back to the store so they can spend their newly earned money.

Strategy no. 7 to monetize mobile apps: Good Ol’ More Screen.

how to monetize mobile apps - more screen

How to monetize Mobile Apps with More Screen Strategy

Trey Smith says:
One of the oldest tricks in the book and it’s a good one. Have a button on your home screen that says “more games” and when they click it, show them your other games. It’s an easy way to turn one download into two.

I say, hey I have tried this method before this ebook was published! and I have proved this method is very good to boost the download of my apps.

So, what are you waiting for? just go and download the ebook.

I can give you the ebook if you have a trouble to buy it or the ebook is not available anymore, but please do me a favor… ๐Ÿ™‚ be a fan of SmashingFree Facebook Page (click “Like”) and then give your comment below (on this article).

Hopefully this “Simple Ways to Monetize Mobile Apps” useful for you.


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