Break Free – Trey Smith: Some Businesses I Think Could Easily BENEFIT From An App

I got an email from Trey Smith. A game developer from San Diego, CA. I think his email is pretty interesting, so I post it here.


I was thinking about this over breakfast this morning.

The truth is, I don’t think every business needs an app.

It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Especially service type industries.  I mean why would an electrician need an app?

If I have a short in my power box (haha, I am showing how ignorant I am to electrical stuff.  Is power box even a word?!) I am not going to whip out my phone looking for an app.

I mean, maybe some people will, but for me it’s unintuitive.

I think using apps as BUSINESS CARDS isn’t that beneficial.

In the end, I guess it’s up to them, but these are the businesses I think could easily BENEFIT from an app:

A) Businesses with a social atmosphere
B) Businesses with an event calendar
C) Businesses that keeps on-line inventory

profit app business

I don’t think every business needs an app – Trey Smith

I’m sure there are many that I’m missing, but these were the ones that really stuck out.

I think these would be the EASIEST sells because the benefit is so huge for them.



Bars, restaurants, etc, get tons of repeat customers and also have MENUS. That’s a great reason to get their app.  Plus they bands, specials and FOLLOWINGS.

People really have a strong social attachment to bars and restaurants. They are great candidates for buying apps


This is a huge market.  If I wasn’t so busy with games, I would get into selling apps to JUST these businesses.

Every single movie theater, playhouse, opera, hotel with conference rooms, bars, nightclub, stadium, sports team (big or small), arena and event center SHOULD have an app… and  they all WILL have an app in the next few  years.

Huge market there that truly needs it.


Another big market that needs apps is people who show ON-LINE INVENTORY.

Car dealerships, collectibles shops (comics, baseball cards, etc), clothing stores, etc.

Basically in this case I look at the app as a bookmark.  So people can check their inventory
quickly on the go.

It’s good for repeat business and I could see an app helping keep those customers loyal.

I’m sure there are many more types, but these are the biggest ones off the top of my head.

This is an absolutely HUGE business.  When I was first starting my mastermind we had more success stories from people selling apps to businesses than anything else.

More than one person did $2k in the first week they started.  It’s really a cool business.







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Article written by Hendri Syahrial

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