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Evernote for Windows, Evernote for Mac OS X, Evernote web clipper, and Evernote for Mobile Devices, make you easy to remember everything!

Have you ever had a very good idea, but then suddenly the idea just disappear because you forgot to write it down. This might be happen many times to you… (me too!)

Don’t worry…

Evernote makes it easy to you to remember anything you want with a better way. A good news for you, Evernote is available for some devices; Evernote for Windows, web clipper, Mac OS X, and some mobile devices.


For you windows users :), with Evernote for Windows you can write down neatly all of your plans, thoughts, and ideas.

It help you to create and save text notes, to-dos lists, images screenshots, and more… even with Evernote for Windows, you can clip some webpages with a link to the source (note: this feature available on IE and Safari browser if Evernote for Windows is already installed on your computer). Anytime you need your notes, just simply typing you hand to search it, and then Evernote will deliver it quickly to you…

Evernote for Windows Snapshot

Evernote for Windows Snapshot


You can download Evernote for Windows via this link.

Are you confused using Evernote for the first time? feel free to spend a few minutes of your time to read the manual via this link.


As I said, Evernote is available for Web Clipper. With Evernote Web Clipper you can capture anything interesting on the web. Say goodbye to bookmark, and no more crowded tabs or open new windows (IE style!)

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

For you Firefox mania, you can download and install Evernote Firefox extension on your Firefox browser via this link.

For you Google Chrome user, feel free to download and install Evernote Chrome extension on you browser.

For those of you who are used to using IE, Evernote Web Clipper installs with Evernote for Windows. So just download and install Evernote for Windows to use it with IE browser.


Evernote is available for mobile devices too, besides Evernote for Windows of course. Please visit Evernote official website to find out more about Evernote and its services.


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