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GO Launcher EX Themes Free Download for Android (3 Best Themes!)

GO Launcher EX Themes (a short introduction)

Go Launcher EX, EX means “extended”, so GO Launcher EX is extended version of GO Launcher, one of the most popular Android “home apps” in the Android Market.

Go Launcher EX supports so many (hundreds!) of themes. Here are some of them… (I select best 3 GO Launcher EX themes for you):

1. iPhone Theme – GO Launcher EX Themes

Do you want your Android Device look like iPhone? then use this theme.

go launcher ex themes - iphone theme

GO Launcher EX Theme – iPhone Theme

Download iPhone theme for GO Launcher via this link.

This theme requires GO Launcher EX to run it, feel free to download GO Launcher EX first before downloading the theme.

2. Kungfu Panda Theme – GO Launcher EX Themes

go launcher ex themes - kungfu panda theme

GO Launcher EX Theme – Kungfu Panda Theme

Do you love Kungfu Panda movie? feel free to download this funny GO Launcher EX theme for your Android.

3. Wood Theme GO Launcher EX Themes

I personally like this theme, really clean, simple, and elegant.

go launcher ex themes - wood theme

GO Launcher EX Wood Theme

Download it via this link.


First, make sure you have GO Launcher EX on your Android Device, if not, kindly install the latest version of GO Launcher EX. Search it in the Android Market with keyword “GO Launcher EX”.

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