How To Download 3gp Videos

How to download 3gp videos from the internet?

Internet users upload, share, and download 3gp videos every day. 3gp video becomes popular since recent times. 3gp video is very easy to be downloaded on the internet, such as various pieces of short films and how-to or tutorial videos.

Some points that make 3gp videos becomes popular among internet users until now:

  1. Almost all types of mobile phones can play 3gp video format, ranging from old mobile phones to the latest smartphones.
  2. 3gp videos file size is very small to be compared with other video format files. It suitable to be saved in mobile phones, very light to be uploaded, easy to be downloaded and shared.
  3. 3gp have a standard of video quality, making it suitable to be played in the mobile phones that have small screen resolution.

By the way, how to download 3gp videos?

There are so many websites that provide free download 3gp files, but there is a simple way to search and download free 3gp file on the internet, that is using Google. Yes, just googling…

The following are some steps to search and download 3gp video on the internet using Google:

1. Open in you favorite browser.

2. Type the keywords followed by this filter: “filter:3gp” in the google search form.

Example: “earthquake filetype:3gp” (without the quotes)

How to Download 3gp Videos - Google Search Form

How to Download 3gp Videos – Google Search Form

Click “search”, and bang! some of search results appear in front of you.

3. You can browse one by one 3gp videos on google search engine result pages (SERP). You have to browse and choose carefully, because good 3gp video often doesn’t appear in the first result, even it doesn’t appear on the first page of the result pages.

How to Download 3gp Videos - SERP

How to Download 3gp Videos – SERP

4. Now you can download the 3gp videos that you choose.

How to Download 3gp Videos - Download

How to Download 3gp Videos – Download Page

So, this is some steps to download 3gp videos. Hopefully, this short tutorial can answer the question: how to download 3gp videos ? that you type in google 🙂


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