iOS 6 Drains iPhone 4 and 4s Batteries Faster

Does iOS 6 drains your iPhone 4 and 4s batteries faster?

On September 19, 2012, Apple launched iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Apple said, “iOS 6 gives you more features to make the things you do every day even better.” What’s new on iOS 6? please check iOS 6 page on

Does iOS 6 drains iPhone 4 battery? there are so many iOS 6 users complain about this on Apple Support Communities forum discussion.

Discussion began on September 20, 2012, just a day after iOS launched, when vito1964 asked this question “Is anyone else experiencing battery drain since iOS 6 update?

The answers he get was very suprising! there are so many users that have same problem with him. They complained about their iPhone batteries run out quickly since updating to iOS 6.

How to fix battery life issues with iOS 6 or iPhone 5

Georgia, Senior Editor at iMore, gives some tips on “How to fix battery life issues with iOS 6 or iPhone 5“, really nice and helpful tips…

So, is it true that iOS 6 causing battery drain?

There is a rumor that iOS 6 is not suitable for the old version of iPhone device. Eric Zeman writes in his article, entitled “iOS 6 Drains Older iPhone Batteries Faster”:

I’ve been testing the iPhone 5 for 10 days now. The iPhone 5 ships with iOS 6 installed. I’ve found that the battery life continues to be very good, given all that the device offers. Keep in mind, it has larger display, a faster processor, and a more power-hungry LTE 4G radio on board.

and then he writes:

But iOS 6 isn’t as friendly to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 when it comes to battery life. I’ve installed iOS 6 on both the iPhone 4S and 4, and, have noticed, along with other users, that battery life has taken a pretty big hit on these older iPhones.


 iOS 6 Drains Older iPhone Batteries NOT The New iPhone 5

iOS 6 Drains Older iPhone Batteries NOT The New iPhone 5

I think Eric Zeman is right! iOS 6 just drains iPhone 4 and 4s batteries but not iPhone 5. Maybe you should sell your old iPhone 4 or 4s, and replace it with the new iPhone 5 🙂

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