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Islamic Cartoon – Download Free Educational Islamic Cartoon

Islamic Cartoon as we know is difficult to find

Specially the good one (with the sahih dua and hadith in it) and give the educational message to our kids. And all what we need is  covered by (or we can say almost covered, coz sometimes there a few scene that we have to hidden it from children, specially the young children that still don’t understand whether this is a good thing or bad thing, I’ll mentioned it with sample inshaAllah).

Islamic Cartoon  Free Download

The Main Character on This Islamic Cartoon

There are three main character on this islamic cartoon. First is Muhannad. This character often described as figure who needs to be given advice. Umar the second character is Muhannad’s brother and described as the good boy. The third character is Salma and described as the good character too and often give advice to Muhannad. Beside them, there are mother and dad and other characters that occasionally show up.

The Content on This Website

There are thirteen categories on this website.

  1. Al Quran
  2. Athfal Page (Children Page)
  3. Azomaul Islam (The Greatness of Islam)
  4. Baitool Maroh (Playground)
  5. Baitool Ooloom (Science Page)
  6. Islamuna (Our Islam)
  7. Isma (Listen)
  8. The Prophet Muhammad’s Life
  9. Qoshoshul Anbeea (Prophet’s Story)
  10. Makareemal Ahlaq (Good Character)
  11. Rooknool Banaat (Female Page)
  12. Tabeeb (Medical Page)
  13. Nasheehah (Adivice)

Free Download Islamic Cartoon

And if you wnat to download it…you can download it from this link below.

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Accompany your child when whatch this movie. Like I said before, becoz some scenes are not easy to understand and for avoiding misconception from your children. For example as the screenshoot below:
islamic cartoon
islamic cartoon
Last thing I wanna say is please do not commercialize this islamic cartoon’s file.

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