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How To Make Landing Page for FREE Using WordPress Theme & Plugin

How to create a nice and clean landing page for FREE using WordPress Theme & Plugin? Hey, this is more than just a Free Page Builder. I highly recommend you to read more this article…

A nice and clear Landing Page is very important for me. I am an online seller who using Facebook Ads as one of my traffic sources. Although I have e-commerce website (more precisely the online catalog, anyway), but I need to drive my traffic come into only one sales page of the product that I advertise, in order to make it easier to measure the effectiveness of the ads, and more easier to save budget, and most importantly, it’s easier to close the transaction.

It is been a long time I searched for a simple and free Landing Page builder. I have found a great Landing Page,, but look at the price that I have to pay every month! It’s not FREE, too expensive for me.

free landing page builder

A few days ago I found Elementor. A new free fantastic Page Builder. Elementor is a WordPress plugin. Very easy to use, just Plug and Play. Install the plugin first and then play it with your creativity and imagination.

Elementor page builder is very easy to install

How easy is Elementor to install in your WordPress engine? let’s see this video first.

Elementor page builder is very easy to use

Using Elementor page builder is very easy. Just drag and drop. Easy and really simple. It only took 10 minutes to make one nice clean landing page. Curious? let’s watch video presentation below.


What are the advantages of Elementor in comparison to other landing page builder?

page builder free wordpress plugin themes

FREE & Open Source: Free to download and install. Free to use on unlimited websites. You can access all the features.

Faster compared to other page builder: No longer move, tumble & wait around. Elementor allows you to type and design on the frontend by means of split second, real-time outcomes. This is a very important feature.

Easy to use: Every control may be thoroughly preferred to give the most effective user experience, in addition, to help you design at log speeds. Did you watch the video above? see how very easy Elementor to use! I have tried Elementor, and I have tried another page builder too. Elementor is the winner. I like it!

No coding skill is needed: Accomplish high-end design, without HTML and CSS coding. The generating site area code is very small & optimized for each device and screen. To get anyone inspired, Elementor has produced some delightful design templates that you can appreciate. It was through with certainly no HTML coding, zero photoshop work, simply no published CSS. Only just Elementor.

elementor page builder free wordpress


How to make a landing page using Elementor combined with WordPress theme?

Combine the free Elementor with another free WordPress theme. I recommend you to choose an elegant one page WordPress theme.

You need only 2 steps to create your own free landing page:

  1. Choose a WordPress Theme that specifically for landing page (please CLICK on the link). In addition to the collection of, you can also try this WordPress Theme “One Page” by InkThemes that is specific for landing page needed, or you can use Pineapple Free Photography WordPress Theme that made by Choose only WordPress theme that suits your needs. Then, install the WordPress Theme that you have chosen.
  2. Download and install the Elementor page builder WordPress plugin, and play with it. Done!

page builder wordpress theme

The longest stages when making a landing page (Sales Page) is Copywriting. This is my personal experience. How about you? 🙂

Hopefully, this free landing page builder information is helpful to you.

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