Learn CSS and HTML

Learn CSS and HTML (Beginner to Advanced Guide)

There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials on how to learn CSS and HTML in the internet. You can find easily, just by googling it. However, how do you know the CSS and HTML tutorials that you find are good quality to be learned? picking a good tutorial isn’t always easy.

Please don’t waste your time to learn something useless.

Here, I present to you some great place to learn CSS and HTML from beginner to advanced; the basics and beyond.


learn css and html


A long time ago, about 12 years ago, I recommended someone to learnt CSS and HTML from HTMLDOG.COM. Now, the website is still alive and always ready to teach you. Learn CSS and HTML on this website is always easy and fun. You can learn each CSS and HTML step-by-step from beginner level to intermediate, and the last part is advanced level.

HTMLDOG.com is highly recommended for you to mastering CSS and HTML. You know, someone that I recommended her to learn CSS and HTML from HTMLDOG.COM 12 years ago, now she is a master of CSS and HTML.


Learn CSS and HTML with Shay Howe

Learn CSS and HTML with Shay Howe

There is no doubt, this is a very good organized CSS and HTML tutorial. This CSS and HTML tutorial was created by Shay Howe, he is a designer and front-end developer from Chicago.

Besides very very organized, CSS and HTML tutorials that led by Shay Howe is very detailed too. Each lesson providing code and visual examples to help you understand. This guide works through all common elements of front-end design and development. Shay Howe divided his tutorials into 2 parts: Beginner guide and  advanced guide. In advanced guide you can learn about modern front-end development, such as Responsive Web Design and jQuery.

Learn CSS for Free

Learn HTML and CSS in 30 Days

Learn HTML and CSS in 30 Days

Thank a lot to Collis Ta’eed for making this website and provided it for free to us.

Thanks very much to Jeffrey Way too for such some great CSS and HTML tutorials!

It’s a great video tutorial collection, it called “Learn CSS for Free“. Here you will be guided step by step to master CSS and HTML in just 30 days! one unique thing here is that you will be trained by a highly experienced trainer, Jeffrey Way. He will teach you through audio-visual media. The most important thing, the course is 100% free and always will be.

Hopefully this article useful and helpful for you. And please don’t forget to share this article to another who want to learn CSS and HTML.


Code Academy
Learn to code interactively, for free.

Photoshop Basix
Video tutorial series to mastering the basic of Photoshop, by Martin Perhiniak.

Hack Design
An easy to follow design course for hackers who do amazing things.



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