learn mandarin for kids free

Learn Mandarin for Kids Free with Kids Learn Mandarin iPad & iPhone App

Learn Mandarin for Kids Free

“Kids Learn Mandarin Beginner” app for iPad (and iPhone) helps your kids get started studying one of the most popular ‘languages’. This kids learn mandarin app help your children understand how to say, create, and study over 200 mandarin words and more than 240 mandarin terms! This kids learn mandarin iPad contains the figures session: 8 Actions, 1 Film, and 20 decals – FREE! And 11 additional training can be bought independently or complete.

kids learn mandarin app

Kids Learn Mandarin App

This kids learn mandarin app takes a modern and vibrant strategy to educating kids age groups 3-8 a huge 240 mandarin terms through 12 fully entertaining training that cover a variety of topics –numbers, shades, creatures, food, sports, transport and more. Organised by Pei Pei the Panda, mascot cartoon of this mandarin kids app.

Kids Learn Mandarin Beginner app contains 96 mini-games, 12 vibrant music video clips, 12 China personality writing training and a personal play area that children can beautify with decals they earn as they learn!

“Learning Mandarin is truly an investment in the future. Teachers have connected studying a second terminology at a young age to higher test ratings, greater assurance and improved crucial thinking abilities,” said Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and co-founder of Fingerprint, the creator of this app. “For kids, studying a second terminology reveals the screen to our excellent big globe. Children Understand Mandarin is an app gem that provides top quality terminology training in fun app-sized attacks for little ones.”

kids learn mandarin ipad

Kids Learn Mandarin iPad

“We designed Kids Learn Mandarin around nearly 100 culturally wealthy, highly relatable entertaining activities that interact with kid’s creativity within a high-impact language-learning experience,” said Kristy Carr, creator of The Digital Learning Company. “Fingerprint’s innovative, warm and friendly system is the ideal system for studying to talk and create mandarin – a terminology important to our international development.”

learn mandarin for kids free

Learn Mandarin for Kids Free

All training are provided in clear Mandarin with British narration and motivation. The complete product includes:


Lessons may be bought independently – or as a Top quality Package:

  • Numbers (included in initial download)
  • Colors & Forms
  • Animals
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Family & Occupation
  • Body Parts
  • Clothes
  • Toys & Transport
  • Sport & Hobbies
  • Things at Home
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Nature & Outdoors

Movie Trailer Kids Learn Mandarin App


What are you waiting for? feel free to download this kids learn mandarin app iPad and for iPhone (this is a universal app)


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