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October 6, 2012

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How To Download 3gp Videos

How to download 3gp videos from the internet?

Internet users upload, share, and download 3gp videos every day. 3gp video becomes popular since recent times. 3gp video is very easy to be downloaded on the internet, such as various pieces of short films and how-to or tutorial videos.

Some points that make 3gp videos becomes popular among internet users until now:

  1. Almost all types of mobile phones can play 3gp video format, ranging from old mobile phones to the latest smartphones.
  2. 3gp videos file size is very small to be compared with other video format files. It suitable to be saved in mobile phones, very light to be uploaded, easy to be downloaded and shared.
  3. 3gp have a standard of video quality, making it suitable to be played in the mobile phones that have small screen resolution.

By the way, how to download 3gp videos?

There are so many websites that provide free download 3gp files, but there is a simple way to search and download free 3gp file on the internet, that is using Google. Yes, just googling…


how to protect images padlock
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How To Protect Images with Ease and Simple Way [Quick Trick]

How to protect images in my website from being copied? maybe this is a question of yours.

It’s quite impossible to protect your images that are posted on your blog from being copied by somebody. Just simply doing right click and “save image as” anybody can easily take your images with just a few seconds.

Here is a simple trick on how to protect images with ease and simple way.

This quick trick is really simple on “how to protect images“, where the results of the image that is trying to be downloaded will be just a form of a blank image. It’s really simply tricky!


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The New Blackberry Will Have Siri-Like Voice Command

Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian big company reportedly will launch a Voice Command feature that is similar to iPhone Siri on their Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha (BB 10) smartphone product. This feature is similar to Siri on the iPhone. This Voice Commad feature will interpret your voice as a command to do something like search, send messages, and many other operations.

Lucas Atkins, founder of N4BB.COM said, this Voice Commad feature can only be used by developer partners of RIM.

Voice Command technology on the iPhone (Siri) has been a phenomenal in the world. And as ever, Siri technology is now becoming a trendsetter in the world of smartphone. This Voice Commad technology was later adopted by various Android devices, and is now followed by the Blackberry.


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Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks You Have to Know

Consider these Facebook 101: 10 safety tips and tricks before you use Facebook.

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website, is now become an identity search engine forĀ  companies, surveillance, and law enforcement agencies. Also for crackers (read: a bad hacker) who want to steal your personal data.

Are you a Facebook maniac or just an ordinary user of Facebook? Please note these 10 cool Facebook tricks regarding safety/security topic when using Facebook.

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks no. 1. Don’t give your date of birth information.

This is an important and confidential information that you should care about. Provide date of birth means paving the way for criminals to steal your identity, because, usually financial institutions usually require date of birth information for a credit card or for bank statement.

Or maybe you used to create passwords based on your birth date? beware!

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks - Date of Birth

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks – Date of Birth

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks no. 2. Don’t give your mother’s name information on Facebook.

Many financial institutions, corporate communications service provider, even a bank, using the name of mother to answer security questions to remember the keyword. If your mother is a Facebook user, ask her to disguise her name. Ask her to use a nickname only. Do it now! before you forget…

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks - Date of Birth

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks – Mother’s Name

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks no. 3. Don’t give your home address.

Home address is a sensitive information that is desired by criminals or thieves. Do not give this information on your Facebook profile or on your Facebook status, because it’s Very dangerous for you and your family! Remember, crooks and thieves nowadays are very good at using Facebook, and it could be one of your friends on Facebook is the criminal!

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks - Home Address

Facebook 101: Safety Tips and Tricks – Home Address


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How to Create Contact Form in Your WordPress Website

How to Create Contact Form in Your Website

Contact Form is one of the favorite features of wordpress users. Contact Form page is a simple page that contains a form for the interaction between reader and blogger (or writer). I think most of WordPress website are using Contact Form. There are so many ways to add Contact Form on your WordPress website; by using plugins, or use third party services. Some of WordPress theme currently already providing this feature, commonly called built in comment form.

There are two WordPress Contact Form plugins that are very nice and popular; cforms II dan Contact Form 7. cforms is a powerful contact form plugin for WordPress, it and has some rich features. cform used to be a winner of Contact Form WordPress plugin, but this plugin is no longer available on the WordPress.org Plugins Directory due to licensing issues. And now, Contact Form 7 plugin become a star, replacing cforms II.