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Paid iPhone Apps for Free, and download them legally not an impossible thing anymore, sure! Now I will share some methods how to get paid iphone apps for FREE and LEGAL. None of these methods require jailbreak your iPhone, but just require a little bit of patience.

I know and some iPhone users also know that we can get paid apps in some illegal ways, you can get them by simply searching over the internet. But, sadly you can not directly apply in your iPhone and iPad that are not jailbreak.

Here you will find a few tips and tricks on how to get paid iPhone apps for free and legal without spending a cent of money.


Paid iPhone Apps for Free

Free Paid Apps for iPhone at Free App Alert

An awesome website that provides a lot of free information about paid iPhone apps for free every day. If you want, you can visit this FreeAppAlert website daily, or you can subscribe daily email alert whenever a paid apps became free in the app store.


You can use AppShopper directly through its website, or you can download AppShopper apps on App Store.

I think this is the best place to find paid iPhone apps for free.

With some interesting menus, you can sort by iPhone or iPad apps, by free or paid apps (with drop prices of course!), and by some categories. Search feature is a useful feature on AppShopper. You can search any paid iPhone apps for free that you want.

Paid iPhone Apps for Free

Paid iPhone Apps for Free at AppShopper

Here are some other awesome features you might enjoy from AppShopper:

  • Popular Apps: Are you confused of too many apps on the App Store? don’t worry… AppShopper Popular List let you browse and choose good paid iPhone apps for free according to AppShopper users.
  • What’s new: Track the streamline of the latest change to the App Store; price drops, new free paid apps, and updates.
  • Wish List: Add any apps you wish, and feel free to get notified of price change by email.
  • My Apps: Organize all apps you already install via AppShopper.
  • Push Notifications: You can get the latest updates of ‘Wish List’ and ‘My Apps’ features, sent directly to you iPhone.


Paid iPhone Apps for Free

Free Paid Apps for iPhone at Freed App

Freed Apps shows only free Paid iPhone apps for free. Two options is in your hand; download it or just skip it 🙂

Freed Apps has some awesome features too, just like AppShopper:

  • Browse and find apps by category.
  • View “New” apps. The most recently paid iPhone apps for free.
  • View “What’s Hot”. The most download apps by The Freed App users.
  • View “Release Date”.
  • View “Top Rank”. Shows the highest ranking Apps.
  • View “Top Price”. Show the most expensive paid apps that are now free.
  • Search app by Keyword.

Feel free to download Freed Apps on App Store.


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