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Photoshop Similar: Download Free Photo Editor Similar to Photoshop

Photoshop Similar free powerfull photo editing software ever!

I was very surprised when I found this Photoshop Similar software. It’s really suprising, because I’ve been looking for software that is free, fast and similar to Photoshop for a long time. I even once wrote an article about Photoshop Like free photo editing software, but this one is different, it’s really similar to photoshop.

Most of us may be used to use Photoshop when editing images or photos, resizing, giving the watermark, adding blur effect, etc. Using Photoshop can be quite draining CPU usage and computer memory (RAM), especially if the computer specs classified as mid-end class. So, we need an alternative software, a Photoshop Similar photo editing software that is fast, free, and legal (the important thing!). The Photoshop Similar software that I’m talking about here is PixBuilder.

WnSoft, the PixBuilder developer has released the latest version of PixBuilder (version 2.0). This “Photoshop Similar” photo editing software released as a freeware. Its file size is very small, it’s just 3 MB (please don’t compare it with photoshop file!), really interesting to try indeed. Despite the size is quite small, but it contains a variety of standard image editing features, i.e. layers and channels. Just like photoshop.

Photoshop Similar

Photoshop Similar Photo Editor Snapshot

Here are some features of PixBuilder “Photoshop Similar”:

  1. Small file size, fast loading and stable for images with high resolution.
  2. Low memory usage, no need to high specs graphics card.
  3. Multiple Undo (like history feature on Photoshop)
  4. Full set of color management: color balance, levels, curve adjusting, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, color fills, etc.
  5. Color channel mode.
  6. High quality effects: various types of blur, sharpen, dithering, etc.
  7. A variety of selection tools: transparency, magic wand, lasso, single column, color range, gradient.
  8. Layers.
  9. Text layers with drop shadow.
  10. Various brush tools, such as stamp, healing brush, replace color, etc.
  11. Various tools to draw shapes: rectangles, circles, and lines.
  12. Free transform and selection transform.
  13. Palette manager.
  14. Customizable key shortcuts (just like photoshop).
  15. Save with preview (you can specify the size of the file on this feature)
  16. Other standard features such as image resizing/canvas, rotate, flip, rasterize, crop, drop shadow, text tool, zoom, etc.

Supported File Formats


System Requirements

Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista, Windows XP.
CPU 1.4 GHz.
512 MB of system memory.


PixBuilder easy to use, especially for you who are familiar with Photoshop. For those of you who need a free photoshop similar software, PixBuilder is worth a try. Feel free to download this “Photoshop Similar” software via this link.


Please visit WnSoft official website to find out more about PixBuilder.

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