pixlr free photo editor

Pixlr Photo Editor: The Amazing Express Free Online Photo Editor

Free Pixlr Photo Editor

Photoshop is free?

Oh my God…photoshop is free? No no. Photoshop as we know will never be a free software. Even if we hope someday will be :). But the fact is, photoshop’s price is getting more expensive  year by year. In fact, sometimes we only need a few tools that exist in photoshop to edit our images or photos or create a new image.

And Voila…

Pixlr photo editor is the answer

pixlr free photo editor

Pixlr free online photo editor

First, You can use pixlr photo editor for free!  You can edit, adjust and filter your images. No registration jump right in!
Second, you don’t have to install pixlr photo editor in your pc. You just need an internet connection to access pixlr photo editor.

Screenshoot Pixlr Photo Editor on Browser

As you can see, in pixlr photo editor, you will find some tools (features) those are similiar to photoshop.  There are layer option, brush tool, smudge and blur tool, crop. And from the menu option, we can easly understand how to navigate and use the tools. The greatest  thing is, pixlr photo editor provides filter feature that’s easy to use and controlled.
Pixlr - Vignette Filter on Pixlr  Photo Editor

Top: Using art poster filter. Bottom: Using cross process adjustment and vignette filter (beautiful result isn’t it?)

Pixlr - Kaleidoscope Filter on Photo Editor

Top: Using sepia adjustment and vignette filter. Bottom: Using kaleidoscope filter

Pixlr Express: The Amazing Express Photo Editor

If you think that Online Pixlr Photo Editor is too complex and difficult to use (just don’t want to think what is the function of layer or something like that), you can use the Pixlr Express instead.
Pixlr Express - Pixlr Express Photo Editor
See the box menu on the bottom? It’s almost impossible to have people who do not understand that menu. And if you still don’t understand, when you hovering at the box, almost certainly you will understand and having fun with all that facilities. So…what are you waiting. Let’s edit our photo using pixlr photo editor.
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