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SEO Articles 2013: Collection of the Best Articles on SEO

Collection of the Best Articles on SEO

I bring you the best SEO articles on social media marketing, link building, content strategy, and more.

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1. How We Accomplished (big) Goals with Content and Social Media Marketing (in just 10 months)

big goals with content and social media marketing
When it comes to social media and content marketing, hard work and commitment pay off. [via]

 2. In Praise of “The Long Thought”

seo optimized page

In a world full of snippets and headlines, long content may be your ticket to content strategy success.


3. Excellent Analytics Tip #23: Align Hits, Sessions, Metrics, Dimensions!

excellent seo analytic tips

With web analytics tools becoming richer, constant mismatching of hit- and session-level metrics and dimensions is turning into a problem. Avinash outlines a few solutions to keep your data analysis fresh.

4. Black Hat or White Hat SEO? It’s Time to Ask Better Questions

black hat or white hat seo

It’s time to ask better questions about the black-hat vs. white-hat SEO debate to really dig into the strategic and tactical implications behind the hats. [via]

5. Culture Code: Creating a Company We Love

Learn how Hubspot is creating a company culture they can stand behind.

creating lovable company

6. Video Snippets Vs. Author Images – Which Have Higher Click Through Rates?

click through rate tips

Make sure you’re optimizing for the highest click through rate with these great tips. [via]

7. WTF is SEO?

What is SEO, really? SEO is not a marketing tactic. Ian Lurie’s unique take is a must-read.

secret of search

8. Is Your Meta Description Working as Hard as Your Tagline?

importance of meta description

A well-crafted Meta Description can be as important to your brand as your tagline. Make sure you’re doing it right.

9. 11 Common A/B Testing Myths Busted

a/b testing myths

There are many myths that prevent smart marketers from making accurate, data-driven decisions. Avoid falling victim to these traps by debunking the most common myths. [via]

10.  The Art of Local Social Media Marketing vs International Social Media Marketing

local vs international social media marketing

Social media is an international interest; are your campaign messages translating to your overseas audience?

Hopefully this collection of the best articles on SEO is beneficial for you.

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