The New Blackberry Will Have Siri-Like Voice Command

Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian big company reportedly will launch a Voice Command feature that is similar to iPhone Siri on their Blackberry 10 Dev Alpha (BB 10) smartphone product. This feature is similar to Siri on the iPhone. This Voice Commad feature will interpret your voice as a command to do something like search, send messages, and many other operations.

Lucas Atkins, founder of N4BB.COM said, this Voice Commad feature can only be used by developer partners of RIM.

Voice Command technology on the iPhone (Siri) has been a phenomenal in the world. And as ever, Siri technology is now becoming a trendsetter in the world of smartphone. This Voice Commad technology was later adopted by various Android devices, and is now followed by the Blackberry.

siri blackberry voice command The New Blackberry Will Have Siri Like Voice Command

The new Blackberry Siri-Like Voice Command

A good effort from Blackberry to retain their customers, even though Blackberry has fallen behind a few steps from the iPhone. Blackberry has to learn a lot from iPhone.

Check out the video below, this feature is still in beta:

Please compare with Iphone Siri video below:


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pinit fg en rect gray 28 The New Blackberry Will Have Siri Like Voice Command

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