Triskweline: A New Cool Font for Programmer and Designers

triskweline-small-fontIf you sick of staring at Courier font, you will love this cool triskweline. This font is not just for programmers, even a designer can pour his imagination with it. This is one of the best small fonts.


Free Download

Download Format Encoding .FON bitmap font (Windows) Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252)
trisk.pcf.gz .PCF bitmap font (Linux, BSD, etc.) Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252) .TTF vector font (Windows) * Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252)
trisk.ttf.sitx ..TTF vector font (MacOS) * Western (ISO 8859-1 / Windows-1252) .FON bitmap font (Windows) Cyrillic (Windows-1251)

* The TrueType TTF version of Triskweline works only at size 10 pt, which should do for your programming editor of choice. However, printing will look funny, as will using the font in word processors like Word or drawing tools like Corel Draw. If your editor supports it, prefer the pixel-font versions of Triskweline (.FON or .PCF).

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